of treatment you humana dental like that’s not that doesn’t even make any sense and so I think that if people can start to think of this in terms of the way that insurance

works elsewhere it’s the same concept like you shouldn’t have to be expected as the policyholder to explain the breakdown on a contractor’s paperwork and the second your client tries to do that is the second that you

start losing that particular project you’re losing control you know you’re having your customer explain why it is that the contractor has detached and reset the ceiling fan in the estimate in the living room versus mask and

cover like that is not that is going to put you at a disadvantage right away so some of these things I’ve covered so far are pretty standard like these are general things that you want to have covered in everyone of your projects

and then there could be more custom strategy items that are particular to your situation like they relate specifically to the circumstances of a certain situation andI always say this is that every insurance claim is different and

unique and usually requires a strategy of its own that fits the circumstances for that particular insurance claim and so given that now I want to discuss how to deal with something that’s more specific and unique that’s not

something you use general and all the time as a part of your routine one example might be that