We dental insurance no waiting period learned how to negotiate the fee schedules and found out which insurance companies just aren’t negotiating it’s take-it-or-leave-it and and which ones we needed to to pay attention to.

dental insurance no waiting period
dental insurance no waiting period

This is not an easy thing if you don’t have I I’m partial to notebooks like a big binder full of contracts and I think that’s an office manager thing all the best ones have binders yeah.

Well they have files or binders or something like that so if you don’t have the notebook you and you have to rebuild like I had to do as an office manager you get it through checking eligibility and you.

Need to just kind of keep that list on the side and then contact those companies and get the information you were missing so that you have it all together then you can update your practice management software then you can make sure .

That the patients are entered correctly and attached to the right fee schedules all of those types of things which you cannot do if you don’t know what the network is you don’t know .

What the fees are so if you have to do it backwards eligibility and a obese hopefully and there’s there’s contracts somewhere in the office yes and I cannot tell you an office that I’ve been in that they had the contracts right there I mean .

They might be at home or they might be in a box that the doctor had finds the office manager did it or or they did it so long ago but Cheers you gotta use your tools of resources .

An Excel spreadsheet or Evernote or whatever and you must keep a list of the insurances that you are that you are in for or in with sorry.

I’ve just checked the chap that you are in it work with an Excel spreadsheet and you can list it Delta and then each plane on a delta or you can listen network and then